Chandler Creek Meadows
Austin, Texas

Project Details

Chandler Creek Meadows Municipal Utility District
Austin, Texas

The Chandler Creek Meadows Municipal Utility District handles a lot for its residents, and one of its key responsibilities is creating enjoyable outdoor spaces for individuals to gather. The Aztec Shelter used to create their District Park Pavilion achieves this goal with a stable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing structure.

Chandler Creek was looking for structure to serve a dual purpose: creating a visual focal point for its District Park and allowing groups of people to gather and enjoy the outdoors. Americana's Aztec shelters fit the bill perfectly, with a wide variety of post options and roofing colors available, and most importantly, our patented 'W' style roof panel allows our shelters to span further with fewer roof beams, giving more shelter with less structure.

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