Schiller Elementary School
Centralia, Illinois

Project Details

City of Centralia
Centralia, Illinois

Nestled in the quiet, cozy town of Centralia, Illinois, Schiller Elementary School boasts one of the highest overall public-school ratings in the state. The building features sleek, modern architectural design, with bright pops of school colors represented by the building elements, and the Americana Outdoors window coverings.

Our project managers were approached in the spring of 2019 with the challenge of coming up with an attractive, yet affordable solution for the Schiller Elementary School remodel. The goal for this project was to create a structure that matched the stylization of the remodel while protecting the main building windows from the outside elements. Our Mansard Style Aluminum Awning was the perfect solution! Utilizing the standard 18" Flat Panel design, the Mansard is able to span large distances with minimal installation costs. Combined with our Industrial Finishing Division, we were able to match the school colors precisely, creating the perfect combination for this project.