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Airbnb CX Hub
Portland, OR, USA

Project Details

Portland, OR, USA

Bringing unlimited design possibilities to light

Airbnb’s new Portland office is a collaborative design from Boora Architects and the Airbnb Environments team that redefines the traditional customer service call-center and revolutionizes the way in which people work. Sharing experiences around food is a core value at Airbnb and a centerpiece of the office is the expansive kitchen space.

To maintain the vintage warehouse look of the kitchen, Boora Architects wanted a strong, singular light source and turned to ANP Lighting to bring their design to life. We were selected based on our custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and our “old-world” craftsmanship.

Working from the architectural drawings, our lighting engineers designed a massive, one-of-a-kind 42" warehouse fixture that included the ANP HighPro™ LED 31w module for superior energy efficiency. The wide light distribution enabled a single fixture to light the entire space. ANP Lightings’ manufacturing team created a custom wooden mold and our experienced craftsmen precisely hand-tooled the final fixture in our California factory.

The result is a striking contemporary design statement that visually reinforces Airbnb’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

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