Foothill Gold Line
Duarte, CA, USA

Project Details

Duarte, CA, USA

Meeting fast-track schedule and LED photometric performance

The Foothill Gold Line light rail carries passengers from Azusa to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. As construction on the Duarte section was rapidly proceeding, the project engineers faced a tight construction timeline for a rail overpass crossing the 210 freeway. Additionally, there were specific photometric targets to ensure passenger safety. So, engineers at the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority turned to ANP Lighting for a fast-track solution.

To achieve project requirements, ANP’s engineering team selected an ANP bollard, with the advanced Nichia® LED chip, designed specifically for low-level ambient lighting applications.

Spacing the fixtures at 30’ intervals, the engineering team performed a point-by-point photometric layout, showing the bollards met the photometric targets of 0.25 fc minimum and 1 fc average for the project. Additionally, the decorative architectural bollards perfectly complement the geometric concrete design and statuary of the light rail overpass.

The ANP bollards were manufactured and shipped to the construction site in time to meet the aggressive project schedule, which today lights the way for thousands of passengers using the Foothill Gold Line.

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Foothill Gold Line