University Of North Carolina
Charlotte, NC, USA

Project Details

Charlotte, NC, USA

Putting Student Safety First with ANP HighPro™ LED Retrofits

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte wanted to be proactive in updating their road and walkway lighting to improve student safety, as well as reduce the cost of maintenance and save energy. So they turned to us for an LED retrofit solution that would improve lighting levels.

They selected an ANP HighPro LED 104w tower system to replace their 150w HPS outdoor lighting. The unique stackable design enabled specifiers to select the proper lumen package for the project and significantly improve lighting levels. Additionally, the more blue color of the LED improves visual acuity providing better facial recognition and security camera vision.

Converting to LED is Easy with ANP HighPro Tower and Platform Systems

Our ANP HighPro LED Retrofit Kit uses standard light engines and is interchangeable with any of our HID reflector systems that make it easy to convert any of our HID products to LED. Adaptable mounting brackets allow our retrofit kit to be installed in most other manufacturer’s products with
minimal engineering. The University is currently converting all of their lighting standards to ANP HighPro LED.

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