ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

Atlanta Motor Cars, US
Atlanta, GA, USA

Project Details

Atlanta, GA, USA

Atlanta Motor Cars automotive dealership located in Atlanta, Georgia specializes in luxury sports cars and needed an entrance solution that could provide convenience and style to compliment the sleek interior decor of their showrooms.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provided an all glass automatic sliding door to connect two interior showrooms at Atlanta Motor Cars. The automatic sliding door was locally modified with full breakout to allow an opening wide enough to transfer vehicles between the showrooms, providing ultimate convenience for the dealership.

Convenient access with elegant style
The all glass automatic sliding door package from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems was selected for its elegant design and virtually uninterrupted glass surface. The attractive entrance provided convenience access for Atlanta Motor Cars and complimented the luxurious design of the high-end automobile showrooms.

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