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Palos Verdes Hillsides
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Project Details

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Upwards of $100 Per Tree

Thousands of trees planted on slopes near Six Flags Magic Mountain and all throughout the Los Angeles area are now protected by our slope guards from soil erosion and hillsides are retained to prevent loose soil from covering newly planted tree zones.

Our slope guard was designed by an L.A. Arborist to address the cost and hassle of planting trees on slopes and hillsides. Before our slope guards, the way of addressing this issue cost 75% more than it does now.

They used to use concrete or redwood guards which could cost upwards of $100 per tree dependent on size. Our cost effective slope guard addresses all of the big problems associated with hillside tree planting, can be used on any size tree and is extremely easy to install.

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