Backyard in Mt Pleasant, SC
Mt Pleasant, SC

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Mt Pleasant, SC

Homeowners are always looking for ways to keep or improve upon the beauty of their backyard while increasing its functionality. Synthetic turf can be the perfect surfacing option for this type of project. Whether it be to eliminate poorly growing grass under shade trees or to prevent high traffic from destroying natural grass, artificial grass adds consistent performance and aesthetic beauty to any home project. Around pools, between pavers, transitioning from a deck or patio, synthetic grass will hold up to any activity.
In this particular setting, the product was installed around a pool using an angular stone base for effective drainage. The project also helped the owners give the surface a more consistent slope that helped in leveling the yard. Wear and tear of a natural grass area was eliminated as was the potential for a muddy mess around the pool that could be transferred into the pool or tracked into the house. The area provides an excellent place for friends and family to gather and entertain regardless of the season.

The backyard shown located in Mt Pleasant, SC, is only one of countless applications where synthetic grass can be used to beautify residential projects. In addition to its lovely appearance, the yard is ready for almost every type of residential use from entertaining, to playing, to being a quiet escape for the owners to enjoy. See what can be done to enhance your next project today!