Texas Hill Country Pond
Gillespie County, Texas, USA

Project Details

Gillespie County, Texas, USA


Located in the Texas Hill Country about 80 miles northwest of San Antonio, Gillespie County is home to several ranches and farmlands. The headwaters of the Pedernales river flow through the 50 square mile area, creating a watershed within the town. The client, a resident of the county, was in need of a pond to be designed within the property that was aesthetically pleasing, yet environmentally beneficial to the landscape. The pond created and lined within the property was mostly shaped by the natural curve of the hills and valleys within the land, preserving the natural character. Along with the help of a local contractor, the pond was designed, constructed, and installed in an efficient and effective manner.

Installation Process:

The excavation process begun as topsoil was removed and the dam was constructed. A 40mil liner was installed, and the panels were seamed in the field with a wedge-welder by an experienced installation crew. The pond was then completed and left to be filled naturally with a natural well to maintain the water


Constructing a pond on a property significantly increases the value of the land. In addition to the aesthetic and recreational appeal, ponds provide a natural habitat and irrigation for vegetation and wildlife.

Products and Design Files