Georgia Precast Solutions

Avondale Town Green Park
Avondale Estates, Georgia, USA

Project Details

Landscape Architect: Site Solutions, Atlanta, GA. Hardscape Contractor: Ruppert Landscape, Lilburn, GA
Avondale Estates, Georgia, USA

Site Solutions specified Georgia Precast Solution’s precast concrete for the radius seat walls, planter/sculpture planter, ellipse fountain walls, and stairs for this unique park. A pale color in light sandblast finish texture was selected so the seat walls would not absorb heat. The precast concrete was manufactured in a temperature-controlled facility so that a consistent color and finish texture could be maintained throughout production. These hardscape furnishings provided an adaptable open space for all kinds of events, ranging from small private parties to community-wide celebrations.

GPS worked closely with Ruppert Landscape’s installation team to plan out the logistics of piece delivery so installation would remain on schedule. Radius seat walls required prior planning with careful review of field drawings and job conditions regarding elevation changes and layout.

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