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Memorial Park
Oklahoma, USA

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Oklahoma, USA


This 15-acre park, which was dedicated to the veterans who served in WWI, has been a place to gather for many years. The City recently completed a $1.8 million renovation of the park opening up an opportunity for SolaRight take part by adding lighting leading to the further beautification and safety for those to enjoy.


Surface mounted YHYS step lights were installed to clearly identify the kick plates of the stairs. Installing wired lighting after the construction was complete was impossible and not justifiable. SolaRight’s wireless lighting was the perfect solution to help in adding the necessary safety improvements. Flush mounted GF8s were installed in the wheelchair ramp for delineation and beauty. Again, this would not be possible with a wired system without a tremendous expense and potential damage to the recently completed construction.


Public feedback overwhelmingly positive. Georgie Rasco, Exec. Dir. Of the Neighborhood Alliance of Central OK said, “The lights are like beautiful earrings that compliment an already spectacular park. They absolutely make the park look polished, safer, and inviting.”

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