GrowUp Greenwalls

Biggest Living Greenwall In Bel Air
Bel Air, CA

Project Details

GrowUp Greenwalls
Bel Air, CA
Project Year
10 ft Tall & 105 ft Wide

A developer reached out to GrowUp wanting to create a custom 10ft tall and 105ft wide greenwall for a property in Bel Air, Los Angeles. The owners of the home wanted to create a privacy wall around the back that was beautiful, functional, and brought green to the surroundings.

The GrowUp team worked with the developer on drawing the envisioned greenwall. From that, a design was created for the supporting frame of the greenwall.

The next step was designing irrigation to suit the climate. Because Los Angeles weather varies, the irrigation system had to be able to be adjusted to cater to whatever weather conditions arise.

The layout of the plants was mapped, using the GrowUp honeycomb pot system. The team went to a nursery 4 months in advance and had the plants contract grown, saving the client money and ensuring the best quality plants were available, ordering a total of 2890 plants.

When building began the frame was specified and contractors built the uprights. The frame needed to be able to carry a load of 15lb/sqft and also to stand up to the occasional high winds in LA. A backing of Trex© board was created to then create a frame for us to hang the vertical rails. The next step was to put up the shade netting cloth to allow air to move through the wall and hung the rails on top of the netting. The building of the frame itself took 2 days to complete.

The plants were transplanted off-site at the nursery into felt bags and delivered to site on the racks shown in this image. They were then staged in the backyard, grouped by plant species for ease of installation. The detailed plant layout plan done before installation was transferred to the physical wall making the hanging of the plants efficient and ensuring the original design was delivered. It took one day to complete this process of hanging plants.

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