522 Lady Street
Columbia SC, USA

Project Details

Josh Boltinhouse
Columbia SC, USA

When Lambert Architecture + Construction Services in Columbia, South Carolina set out to renovate a 1930s-era cigar and candy store and adjacent warehouse, architect Josh Boltinhouse knew that exterior glass would play a major role in achieving project goals.

His client sought to create a modern office space—bright, open, comfortable and energy-efficient—all while respecting the historical character of the existing architecture.

“I was considering a known glass product with high efficiency and light transmission,” remembers Boltinhouse, “when my Guardian representative recommended SNX 51/23, a new SunGuard glass that matches these performance points—with the added benefit of very low reflectance. Rather than creating a monolithic look, we wanted to see right into the space and show off its historical character.”

Boltinhouse called the difference in reflectance “eye-opening,” and specified SNX 51/23 for an iconic stair tower visible from the street, all existing window locations, and new expanses of glass that overlook the city and nearby Congaree River.

The glass creates a contemporary feel that sets off pleasing structural elements of the legacy buildings, including red brick walls and white stucco surfaces. Natural light permeates deep within the space, while solar heat gain is managed to keep indoor temperatures comfortable. Reduced HVAC loads enabled the team to select a more discrete mechanical system to enhance the building’s aesthetic.

The project is also special because Boltinhouse and his team salvaged and repurposed existing wood and steel to create one-of-a-kind baseboards, ceiling features and stair treads. A rooftop deck was added to expand the outdoor space.

Guardian Architectural Design Manager Alan Kinder says, “Lambert’s 522 Lady Street project is an impressive blend of old and new, and it shows how glass can modernize existing architecture.”

“The people who work here love this space,” says Boltinhouse. “It’s beautiful and comfortable in all seasons, and it represents the work of Lambert Architecture + Construction Services really well.”

He should know. When the firm outgrew its former space across the river, the choice was clear. Today, the team of architects and designers work at 522 Lady Street. Along with other building occupants, including a general contractor and a real estate developer, they are making history anew.

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