Guardian Glass

Wake Medical Heart Tower & Children's Hospital
Wake County, NC, USA

Project Details

BBH Design
Wake County, NC, USA

Home of the first children’s hospital in Wake County, N.C., the Wake Medical Heart Tower & Children’s Hospital added 185,000 SF to the main campus of Wake Medical Health & Hospitals.

The tower connects to the existing hospital in nine places and also houses a new main entrance and lobby for the hospital, an expanded pediatric intensive care unit, acute care beds, and shell space for future growth.

Architects are always looking for additional ways to make buildings more transparent. One way to accomplish this is by using point-supported glazings. Point-supported glass uses bolted fittings directly connected through holes that have been drilled in the glass. Because they are made up of more glass and decorative hardware, these buildings allow for improved transparency and offer additional architectural opportunities in the detailing of the bolted connections. Increasingly popular in Europe, these exteriors systems have continued to make inroads into commercial building design in the United States.

Guarldian SunGuard SuperNeutral 68 was utilized by fabricator Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope for its neutral color, energy-saving performance and ease of fabrication. It is a heat-treatable coating protected by a temporary protective film during shipment and fabrication. The TPF has been designed so the fabricator can do much of the fabrication prior to removing the film for heat-treating, including cutting, drilling and edging. Without the TPF, the coating could easily be damaged. This is an advantage that Guardian offers that is unique to the SuperNeutral Series.

“During the design process the Guardian 3/8” SN68 soft coat product was the superior product of choice given the fact that it is so fabricatorfriendly for drilling holes and polishing the edges,” said Paul Mahedy, general manager, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope. “It was and is our clear choice for our High Performance Insulated Glass Stackwall Product line.”

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