Hollywood Hillside Home
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Project Details

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Aaron Neubert, founder of ANX, is one of the top architects for designing contemporary homes and commercial spaces in Los Angeles. Because of his expertise in making beautiful, complex designs that are still practical and functional, his projects have been featured in various publications such as the LA Times, which recently featured a home Aaron Neubert designed in the Hollywood Hills. We talked to him about his inspirations and why Infratech heaters were his top choice for this project.

“We wanted a product that produced the desired heating effect, while also working with the aesthetic of the project. In the end, Infratech heaters were the right solution for our challenge.”

What were the homeowners looking to achieve from the renovation?
The existing home was constructed in 1992 and designed in the late 1980s. While a large home, it was very dark and the spaces were not well connected to each other or the landscape. The materials and finishes were very dated and worn out. The home also needed some serious upgrades in finishes, but also in the electrical systems, appliances, and lighting.

What were your goals going into this project?
Upon first visiting the home, our plan was to utilize the panoramic view of the city as the main feature of the house. We decided to demolish the entire interior to open up the space within and to add floor-to-ceiling windows and doors to connect the interiors to the terraces and the views beyond. Once we opened up the exterior walls, it was obvious how significant the engagement with the outside would transform the life of the home.

What were your inspirations with this particular house and its outdoor space?
Our primary inspirations were the views to the city and Wattles Canyon Park that were ignored by the original home. Establishing the natural connection between the interior space and the terraces was the pivotal gesture in the design. From there, our work was focused on developing an interior palette that was warm and clean to support the clients’ lifestyle.

When and why did you decide to install Infratech heaters?
Our use of Infratech stemmed from the clients’ interest in utilizing the exterior patios throughout the year. We wanted a product that produced the desired heating effect, while also working with the aesthetic of the project. In the end, Infratech heaters were the right solution for our challenge. The low profile and clean design fit in well with the other materials and products utilized in the home.

Do you have any favorite areas from this project?
I think my favorite area of the home is the central stair. The previous one was a very odd feature in the home, as it was too large and lacked any detail to enrich the experience. It was essentially an excessively large utilitarian object dropped into the center of the house. Our objective was to turn the stair into the heart of the house. By making it a complex and evolving experience, it helped engage the landscape, the view, and the adjacent rooms of the home as you circulated up and down. While it is still a relatively large feature of the home, it transcends pure utilitarianism.

Do you think outdoor design is becoming a requirement for homeowners and why?
Outdoor design is fundamental to all of our residential projects. We’ve had a lot of success incorporating interior and exterior spaces towards a comprehensive design sensibility. As many of our residential projects are in Los Angeles, the climate encourages the maximization of the entire property for the living environment.

Photos by Brian Thomas Jones.