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Long Beach, CA, USA

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Howard & Sons Inc.
Long Beach, CA, USA

A church metal roofing solution improves aesthetics, durability, and environmental impact while saving money and resources on maintenance in Long Beach CA.

An aging wood shake roof on Faith Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Long Beach, CA, needed to go. The congregation needed a flexible solution that was tastefully colored and resistant to all kinds of weather. The old roof was still partly original and had suffered damage over the years; a permanent solution would keep the sanctuary protected for decades.


The members of Faith have continued their ministry, confident in the strength and safety of their new roof. This new Classic Metal Roof eliminated maintenance costs and reduced energy costs, allowing for church funds to be used helping the community at home and reaching out to the world abroad. Faith can continue to serve the community for another 75 years, fulfilling their motto: “faith working through love” Galatians 5:6.


Faith Orthodox Presbyterian Church got a uniquely beautiful roof created with Shake Gray Oxford Shingle that will last for years to come. This permanent roofing solution looks great, keeps energy costs low, and protects from fire, wind, and weather. California is prone to fire with its dry climate, so keeping the sanctuary safe from blowing embers was a priority addressed with this replacement.

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