Kelly Slater Surf Ranch
Lemoore, California, USA

Project Details

The Kelly Slater Wave Company
Lemoore, California, USA
Project Year
2,000 FT

The Surf Ranch, an inland surfing center that enables surfers of all ages to surf on consistent waves all year round, was unveiled by surfer Kelly Slater in Lemoore, California in December 2015. Blowing the surf world’s collective mind in the process with the best artificial wave pool in the world.

The Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC) created a unique system of hydrofoils that make the artificial waves rise up over the rectangular pool at the 2,000 feet long and 500 feet wide man-made lake that was originally built for water skiing.

Jakob advised on materials and supplied Webnet Stainless Steel Wire Mesh System and Rope System used as balustrade infill and Safety Net for the 2,000 feet long viewing pier at this unique surfing destination.

Webnet was specified for the project due to its outstanding performance, quality and durability, with the system’s anti-fall properties aligning perfectly with the architect’s design. All in all, it was the perfect solution for the Wave project.

The Webnet system selected was the 2 mm cable diameter with 100 mm opening that provides an unrestricted, yet completely safe view from the pier, providing spectators with a unique opportunity to not only watch the surfers, but also to see at close quarters the incredible waves that can reach 6.5 feet and also can be adjusted to fit beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers.

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Kelly Slater Surf Ranch