Jakob Rope Systems

Squibb Bridge
New York City, New York, USA

Project Details

Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation
New York City, New York, USA
Project Year
450 FT

The Pedestrian Bridge was reopened in the spring of 2020. The Squibb Park Bridge provides a unique and vital access point into the Park. The zig-zagging walkway connects Pier 1 with Squibb Park in Brooklyn Heights, allowing visitors to come and go with ease and putting them within a stone’s throw of public transportation.

The former bouncy wooden walkway is gone, replaced by a brand new steel and aluminum walkway designed by Arup and installed on the original supports. Jakob Rope Systems supplied the stainless steel Webnet and Frames for the railing of the bridge. Our 2 mm Webnet covers the new 450-foot path that begins to lure more New Yorkers out of their apartments and to the waterfront park. In this example, Webnet convinces again with regard to its aesthetics, economy and security.

The original bridge was opened to the public in 2013. But by 2014, it had closed for what was supposed to be a short time for repairs, after reports stating the bridge was too bouncy. The span ultimately stayed closed until April 2017 before closing yet again in 2018 when wood testing found unacceptable conditions. During that period, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation filed a lawsuit for poor execution of a flawed design.

The replacement bridge, constructed by Turner, purposefully mimics the look and feel of the first span. The existing support pillars from the first bridge were utilized, which sweeps over Furman Street, but the rest of the new structure was prefabricated off site.

Now, the bounce of the former Squibb Bridge, once a selling point, is no longer a reality. But on the flipside, the bridge now sits over a strong metal structure and is made of resistant materials. Our stainless steel railing system is the perfect example, providing longevity, protection and a modern look to the project.

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