Brennan’s - Legendary New Orleans French Quarter Restaurant
New Orleans, LA, USA

Project Details

Interior Designer, Richard Keith Langham
New Orleans, LA, USA
Project Year

Custom Design for a Legendary New Orleans Restaurant

Kenneth Lynch and Sons have a long and successful history of working with designers to bring their visions to life. Our founder, Kenneth Lynch, partnered with many notable designers, architects, sculptors, and visionaries to craft their custom creations.

Following in that tradition, we had the honor of working with esteemed New York City-based interior designer, Richard Keith Langham, whose work is sought after by the most discerning homeowners around the world. He has been named to Elle Décor A-List, four-time Architectural Digest AD-100, and is the author of About Decorating. His interiors are known for their traditional yet whimsical approach, lush color, elegance, and southern flair.

Fittingly, he was tasked with the redesign of Brennan’s the legendary New Orleans French Quarter restaurant known for its old-world elegance. About the Brennan’s design, the designer stated, "We're honoring the history and the richness, the drama and the sassiness of New Orleans. My intent was to create rooms that recognized the past; full of old fashioned Southern flourish and, of course, flavored with many European influences."

We worked with the designer to create a new outdoor dining chair for the striking courtyard dining area. The goal was to create a new stackable outdoor chair to fulfill the restaurant’s need for flexible storage. We were tasked with developing patterns for the backrest, seat and chair sides to accommodate this new design.

The result is the stunning yet practical Lattice Back Arm Chair (FC37), a convenient and flexible choice for homeowners, restaurants, and hotels. This is a sturdy, heavy chair suited for the constant use of a restaurant environment. To complete the design, the chair was finished in our classic Pompeian Green glaze, which coordinated perfectly with the jaunty pink and green color scheme Langham devised for Brennan’s outdoor dining area.

“We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to work with these two legends: Richard Keith Langham and Brennan’s.”

At Kenneth Lynch & Sons, we take pride in our craftsmanship and custom design capabilities, based on many years of experience working with materials and perfecting production processes. We can help designers modify pre-existing designs or produce original designs to fulfill their artistic creations. Looking for a unique design for your next project? Contact us to get started on your custom creation.