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Bike storage is often thought of as an indoor application. But there are instances where there is a need for outdoor storage solutions. For those situations, we wanted to share a few outdoor bike storage ideas for you to tackle this challenge. With any type of bike storage, the intent should be to be park bicycles long-term, typically two hours or longer, with a reasonable expectation of security. The key with outdoor bike storage is to provide an additional level of protection for bicycles from natural elements like the weather and human elements like thieves. So, in addition to placing bike storage racks, you would also want to incorporate something like a bike rack canopy.

Product To Be Used:

Madrax Wingra Bike Shelter

These covers will help in keeping rain, snow and other weather from falling directly on the bicycle. It also keeps the cyclist out of the elements while locking their bicycle to the rack. As well as a canopy over bike racks would work, it's apparent the bike storage area would still be exposed from the sides. For something that shields stored bicycles overhead as well as on the sides, consider a bike shed.

Product To Be Used:

Madrax Vertical Bicycle Storage Shed

These structures offer roofs and siding to knock down even more of the elements. They can be used to cover ground-mounted bike racks. Or they can also be outfitted with bike storage racks that mount to the shed. These can be configured to create vertical bike storage as well as two-tiered bike storage spaces.

Product To Be Used:

Madrax Bike Shed with Two Tier Bike Parking

The next step would be to go fully enclosed with a bike cage or similar structure. Not only do they offer greater protection from the environment, they commonly are offered with doors that would further restrict access to bicycles when stored. Another option for fully-enclosing the bicycle would be bike lockers.

Product To Be Used:

Madrax Bike Locker Outdoor Storage

The bicycle can be completely removed from the outside by using lockers with solid steel panels. Or let in some airflow with perforated panels. Which can be customized for those looking to add a unique design element. Additionally, there are bike lockers that store a single bicycle, as well as locker models that can store two bicycles in one locker. These are some secure outdoor bike storage solutions to get you started. There is one key item you need to keep in mind, however. Whatever you use for your bike rack, make sure the frame of the bicycle and a wheel can be locked to the rack using a standard U-style lock. This will keep the bicycle more secure from theft while stored.

Product To Be Used:

Lock Rack to Bicycle

View bike shelters and other outdoor bike storage solutions. If you have any questions or are looking for more guidance on choosing the best bike storage solutions, you can contact us through our website.

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