Mapes Industries, Inc.

Whole Foods Market | Tennessee
Franklin, TN, USA

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Franklin, TN, USA

About Mapes Industries, Inc.
Mapes Industries is a family owned business that has manufactured specialty architectural products since 1952. Our economical roll formed Lumishade and all extruded Super Lumideck have set the standard for metal canopies and metal awnings.

The Super Lumideck Flat Soffit hanger rod canopy is an all extruded pre-engineered canopy designed for high load architectural applications. The Flat Soffit deck style provides an aesthetic ceiling look and achieves a clean and minimalistic design for any canopy application. Deck profiles can be combined with differing fascias to complement any design emphasis or building requirement. Mapes aluminum non-rusting finish will have a much longer life span as compared to the typical field painted finishes used on structural steel canopies. The all extruded design provides a solution for both high snow drift loads and hurricane force winds.

NOTE: Stamped calcs supplied by Mapes per job location. Available anywhere in the U.S. when specified.