Gables Villa Rosa
Dallas, TX

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Dallas, TX

For over three decades the Baker family has been a vital part of the drywall and plaster industry in Texas. Baker Drywall has grown to be one of the largest specialty contractors in the nation, while Triangle Plastering has gained a reputation for completing many of the largest and most technical plaster projects in Texas.

Gables Residential a nationally recognized developer of luxury multi-family communities, in conjunction with the architectural firm of Looney, Ricks and Kiss chose Triangle Plastering to accomplish the mammoth 400,000 sq. ft. project at their latest property in Dallas, Texas. Familiar with Triangle’s reputation as an expert in large projects, confidence in this selection was high.

Triangle Plastering trusted relationship with distributor Specified Products chose Parex Fiber 47, Parex Primer and Parex Acrylic Finish, to achieve the look and feel that Gables was after. Triangle’s knowledge of the way these products perform combined with their highly skilled applicators, made stepping up to the challenge of making foam shapes appear to be authentic louvers and shutters on a large property easy.

“The ability to pump a “scratch & brown” product smoothly and with uniform consistency was one of the most important product features we were looking for” said Michael Vickery, Vice President, Triangle Plastering. The speed of pumping Parex Fiber 47 with no problems saved us money with no cracking problems. Fiber 47 works the best!”

Michael also suggests, “Choose one manufacturer so there is unit responsibility in case of any problems.” When asked if Triangle Plastering would use Parex products again Michael responded, “Yes because of the reliability and consistency of the products.”

The Challenge
• Make foam shapes look like louvers and shutters.

The Solution
• Parex Fiber 47
• Parex Primer
• Parex Acrylic Finish

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