Pella Corporation

Alexis and Menard Halls, Walsh University
Canton, OH, USA

Project Details

Motter & Meadows Architects
Canton, OH, USA

Walsh University needed windows that would withstand day-to-day use by college students, match the style of other buildings on campus, and save energy. And it wanted them from a company that would provide service after the sale.

Perfect for Any Project

Located on 85 sprawling acres and surrounded by an abundance of trees, Walsh University is a private college in Canton, Ohio. Alexis and Menard halls were built in 1968 and together house 400 students. The goal for this project was to replace the existing aluminum windows in Alexis Hall and build the Betzler Tower addition onto Menard Hall. The challenge was finding replacement and new construction windows that matched. The windows needed to be extremely durable and low-maintenance to handle use and abuse by college students, as well as to complement the architectural style of the halls and other campus buildings. The windows also had to be affordable and energy-efficient – so the students would have a comfortable living environment and the school would save on its energy costs.

Beautiful Performance

Walsh University decided to install Pella® Impervia® windows for the new addition on Menard Hall and the Alexis Hall replacement project. Pella Impervia products are made from Duracast® – an engineered fiberglass composite that is more durable than aluminum or vinyl, offers the thermal efficiency of wood, yet is priced competitively with vinyl. Pella Impervia windows are uniquely functional, durable and affordable. Plus, they never need to be painted, so future finishing and maintenance costs are reduced.

Low-E insulating glass was chosen to reduce heat gain and offer protection from UV rays, making the windows extremely energy-efficient. In fact, most Pella Impervia products with Low-E insulating glass meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all 50 states.* Plus, the Brown single-hung Pella Impervia windows used for the punched openings and vertical stacks "matched the buildings' colors and brought Menard Hall and Alexis Hall up to a standard that's acceptable to the university," said Mark Bosko, director of university relations for Walsh University.

Replacement at Alexis Hall

Installation of Alexis Hall's replacement windows proved to be a challenge. The 40-year-old, clear anodized aluminum windows had been caulked several times and had a brown aluminum panel at each floor line. The existing windows sat flush with precast floors, complicating the installation of new windows. To ensure optimum installation performance, Pella developed an innovative installation solution at the spandrel locations to cover the precast slab, seal the windows and prevent joints from showing. The Brown Pella Impervia windows give a consistent, modern and clean look to the building – and create a place students can be proud to call home.

Addition to Menard Hall

Menard Hall's addition required cutting through walls in the existing building to create floors in the new structure. It was a complex project all around – except for the windows. Tom Moloney, general contractor from Fred Olivieri Construction Company, had worked with Pella in the past, but never with Pella Impervia products. He said, "We installed them in accordance with the installation shop drawings, and they fit exactly as we needed – we had no issues."

Pella Perks

Not only did Pella provide technical support, a competitive price and on-time delivery; Pella also offered service not typical of other vendors. Said Moloney, "We were on a college campus, so there was no place to store the windows. Pella dropped off the delivery truck on the site so we could install the windows as needed. Then they picked it up when we were finished."

Plus, the university recognized Pella's outstanding service after the sale. Ravinder Singh, director of residential buildings for Walsh University, said, "We chose Pella because it's a reputable company that has quality windows. Pella's been in the business for a long time; you know they're going to be there for a while."

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