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Greensboro Public Library
Greensboro, NC, USA

Project Details

J. Hyatt Hammond and Associates
Greensboro, NC, USA

The construction of public buildings is often a budget-driven process, and the Greensboro Library was no exception. The architects, J. Hyatt Hammond and Associates, were able to find cost-effective solutions, while still remaining true to their design objective–creating a welcoming environment where visitors could relax, read, and study.

A New Chapter For The Community

Located in the downtown cultural district of Greensboro, NC, the city's main library facility is a sprawling, 100,000-square-foot brick and precast concrete structure that fills up its available site. Focal points of the design include curved walls on the right and left sides of the building punctuated with horizontal ribbons of windows, and a 300' loggia with arched windows on the front facade of the building. On the interior, terrazzo floors, coffered ceilings and wood trim create a warm, inviting atmosphere. And it's made even more welcoming by the abundance of natural light – and energy-efficient comfort – provided by Pella® windows. Construction came in under budget, and the building is a source of great pride for the community of Greensboro. In fact, the number of library visitors has more than doubled since the new facility opened – proof positive of its user appeal.

Solutions Worth Checking Out

Pella produced single and multiple windows to fit specified masonry openings without special upcharges – which allowed the windows to meet the budget criteria and streamlined the installation process. Pella aluminum-clad wood windows also provided the benefits of low-maintenance aluminum exteriors and the warmth and design flexibility of wood interiors.

To maximize the amount of wood interior trim, ribbon and masonry openings are divided into 8' x 8' segments with mullion connections that create interior details evocative of traditional library architecture. And if one module gets broken, the entire window does not have to be replaced. Pella factory-built and shipped the window assembly – consisting of more than 1,000 windows – within six weeks, and provided turnkey installation.

In order to minimize solar heat gain in Greensboro's warm, southern climate, the windows use clear, low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. The Low-E coating also helps protect the library's books and interior against fading caused by UV light, while allowing in an abundance of daylight.

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