Brittingham Dog Park
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Project Details

Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Project Year
15,700 SF

Brittingham Dog Park offers a sprawling play area for dogs and their human companions just off of Lake Michigan. Featuring PetGrass® Classic Tan Thatch, the 15,700 SF outdoor space includes shady trees that may otherwise cause a lot of muddy paws and mess. The shoreline retreat also includes a sandbox for dogs that like to dig.

The clean, safe features of PetGrass, eliminate the need for any hazardous infill. Instead, antimicrobial additives and twice the industry standard for drainage perforations, actively work together to combat odor and bacteria buildup.

Designed for dogs, PetGrass is extremely durable and more than capable of handling high volumes of active dogs both big and small. The turf also has a low pile height allowing for easier, more complete cleanup.

Underneath the turf, the base is all about optimal drainage using 3/8” limestone chips, that have a 2% absorption rate. This allows pet waste and rain water to drain at a rate of over 900 inches per hour.

Brittingham Dog Park has been hailed as a local attraction by a variety of blogs, community groups and dog-related websites. Visit for more information.

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