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Amway Plaza
Seoul, South Korea

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Seoul, South Korea
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Amway Plaza is a new commercial center in Seoul, South Korea, designed by the architect Byung Hun Park at JUNU Architects. The plaza utilizes prism breaks and LED light beams as part of its colourful concept. The entire external structure of the building consists of 3200 m2 polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is used in the cover parts of the inrun track system and the side bands of the inrun. Due to a highly innovative ceramic knob system the inrun, it is suitable for summer and winter usage, regardless of the weather conditions.

The concept of the project is the light, and in particular, the lightening fixture in five traditional for Korea colors: yellow, blue, white, red and black which symbolize the place of good fortune - the city's land- mark. These colors are considered to be closely related to the five cardinal elements of um (dark) and yang (bright): blue - wood, red - fire, yellow - earth, white - metal, and black - water.

The PC sheets used in this construction of this building are characterized with the line of prisms on the outer side of the sheet and at the bottom of the upper wall. The project itself uses LED bulbs installed behind the sheets, with some being installed as well inside the sheets. The mentioned prism breaks the LED light beams into beautiful, colourful forms.

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