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Inverted-L Fall Protection System Provides Security to Truck Driver
United States

Project Details

United States


A major manufacturer of chocolate confections receives 2-4 shipments of liquid chocolate on a weekly basis. The liquid chocolate is transported to their manufacturing facility in 6,500-gallon tanker trucks. Trucks dock at a station to the rear of the facility and a pumping hose is attached to the back of the tanker. The driver of the truck is then responsible to climb on top of the tanker trailer and manually ensure that all chocolate is successfully pumped into the facility. This process includes walking back and forth on top of the tanker while using a large rubber hand held tool to help push the chocolate to the back of the tank. While observing this process, the plant safety manager recognized the serious safety concern that was present for the truck driver. The driver was being exposed to a potentially life-threatening situation due to the risk of falling while simply trying to complete his job. This was compounded due to deliveries being made year round, where a tanker trailer covered with ice becomes almost impossible to navigate.


In looking for a solution, the manufacturer contacted a Rigid Lifelines distributor who immediately recognized the value in having a Rigid Lifelines Inverted-L Fall Protection System installed along the side of their docking station. After explaining the benefits of a Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection System, a custom system was installed. The system track is 37’ in length with 22’ high uprights. A trolley moves along the track and allows for a cable and harness attachment.


The new system allows for truck drivers to put on a harness and then ascend and navigate to the top of their tanker truck safely. In the event that a driver would fall from the top of his trailer while unloading, the Rigid Lifelines fall protection system will now help to avoid serious injury or death. With the inclusion of a Rigid Lifelines fall protection system, the manufacturer can now take pride in providing truck drivers with a more secure work environment. This is a benefit to the company due to liability being a potential significant expense. Remember, equipment is cheaper than the accident.