Amazon Distribution Warehouse
Miami, Florida

Project Details

Ford and Associates
Miami, Florida
Project Year
335,841 msf

The Amazon Distribution Warehouse is a 335,841 square-foot tilt wall facility, built by KTR Development and then leased to the Seattle-based e-commerce giant. Miller Construction was assigned as General Contractor for the interior build out. Rmax TSX-8510 was installed directly to the tilt wall, with Rmax PVC joint closure clips on the exterior walls - for continuous insulation. TSX-8510 has a white embossed facer allowing for a well-insulated work environment, along with being aesthetically appealing.

TSX-8510 has glass fiber reinforced aluminum foil facers on both sides. The exposed side of the board is a heavy embossed 12mil facer with a white coated aluminum surface. This thermally efficient insulation board is designed to be left exposed without a thermal barrier to provide an attractive interior finish.

TSX-8510 was chosen for this project as it reduces thermal bridging by being installed continuously. It blocks air, moisture and is mold resistant per ASTM D3273. TSX-8510 meets R-value requirements with a thinner profile and is lightweight and easy to install.

Ford and Associates

General Contractor
Miller Construction Company

Pegasus Drywall

Service Partners, sold to Olympia Drywall Supply

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Amazon Distribution Warehouse