DMG Mori Seiki Factory
Davis, California

Project Details

Davis, California
Project Year
100,00 msf

The DMG Mori Seiki Factory is a $50-million state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and is producing Mori Seiki NHX4000, NHX5000 and NHX5500 machines. The plant will serve as a showplace of advanced, sustainable manufacturing and automation. The DMG Mori Seiki Factory is adjacent to the company’s R&D center which is a combined 291,000 square feet spread over 19.2 acres in Davis, California. Eight additional acres are reserved for future expansion at this site. TSX-8510 was used not only to help regulate temperatures in this manufacturing facility, but it’s embossed white facer provides visual aesthetics as well as excellent light reflectance properties, leading to energy savings in lighting fixture usage.

TSX-8510 is installed continuously to reduce thermal bridging and meets R-value requirements with a thinner profile. It blocks air and moisture and is mold resistant per ASTM D3273. TSX-8510 is designed to be left exposed without a thermal barrier to provide an attractive interior finish.

Rmax TSX-8510 is a cost effective way to increase a building’s thermal efficiency with one of the thinnest profiles available on the market today. TSX-8510 is manufactured with reinforced aluminum foil facers on both sides. The exposed side has an embossed white aluminum surface to provide an attractive, strong and durable interior finish that is pressure washable and designed for use without a thermal barrier.

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DMG Mori Seiki Factory