San Ramon Valley High School
Danville, California

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HKIT Architects
Danville, California
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The San Ramon Valley High School classroom building project was built to replace multiple outdated buildings. The new 3 story classroom building will have 52 classrooms. Construction began in the summer of 2016, and the school is projected to open the new classrooms for occupancy by August of 2019.

Level 5, Inc., used ECOMAXci® FR Air Barrier as the continuous insulation on this project not only for the fact that polyiso insulation provides the highest R-value per inch of any continuous insulation available, but also because of its superior performance as an air and weather resistive barrier. ECOMAXci® FR Air Barrier was also able to be applied directly to the metal studs without the need of exterior gypsum to meet NFPA 285 requirements.

ECOMAXci® FR Air Barrier can meet the requirements of NFPA 285 as well as stringent air and weather barrier codes by installing it as a full wall solution using R-SEAL 3000 tape and R-SEAL 6000 flashing, or with a number of 3rd party weather barriers as used on the San Ramon Valley High School project.

ECOMAXci® FR Air Barrier is installed continuously to reduce thermal bridging and block air and moisture. This wall solution is lightweight and easy to install - all contributing to an overall savings. Combined with Rmax tape and flashing, this solution has been tested to meet stringent fire code requirements as well air and water barrier standards for the most effective, efficient building envelope design.

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