Roller Alcoa Funeral Home in Arkansas
Arkansas, USA

Project Details

Arkansas, USA

On this project, Royal Corinthian supplied lightweight cornice, column covers, and window surrounds. These fiberglass reinforced polymer “F.R.P.” products can adorn municipal buildings, universities, residences, and in this case, a beautiful funeral home. These products are lightweight, decorative or structural, and come at a fraction of the price of real stone products. They require substantially less structural reinforcement than concrete, GFRC, and cast or natural stone and install much faster and last longer.

This cornice was made custom and incorporates a triglyph, which is the detail on the cornice resembling a tablet with three vertical grooves. It is now part of our standard offering. Customization is relatively inexpensive as we make our molds in-house.

In addition to FRP, Royal Corinthian manufactures cast fiberglass, synthetic stone, PVC, polyurethane, GFRC, lightweight EPS-backed cast stone, and cast stone. Balustrade systems, fireplace surrounds, shutters, pergolas, statues, and virtually any conceivable architectural shape is our specialty. All products are manufactured in the USA, and are offered at the best prices, fastest lead-times, and longest warranties. We have been manufacturing for 27 years so rest assured you are getting the highest quality products.