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Big View. Big Fire. Big Heat. Little Emissions.

Project Details

The RSF Delta Fusion is:

Easy to use.

With the Fusion, you have nothing to adjust other than the size of the wood load. Simply fill it with wood and kindling, light a match, close the door and watch it burn – beautifully.

Produces lower emissions.

1.3 g/hr emissions is virtually unheard of with a non-catalytic appliance and totally unheard of in a heating appliance with a huge decorative fire.

Is more predictable.

Even experienced wood burners need to learn how to adjust their stove on a regular basis depending on the weather, and variations in wood quality etc. With the Fusion you will get consistently beautiful, environmentally friendly fires automatically, time after time with no black glass or dirty chimneys.

Has a more beautiful fire.

Once warmed up, the Fusion burns slowly enough that all you see are lazy, gorgeous, hot flames which are not agitated like many fireplaces. The cleanest fires are achieved with lots of secondary combustion, which just happens to be when the fire is most visually appealing.

Project Resource Files

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