Solar LED Street Lights For Land Developers
Clermont, Florida, USA

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Clermont, Florida, USA
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Severe weather events affect the Sunshine state year after year, leaving communities prone to power outages. According to a recent study, more than 25 million people lost power in Florida in the last decade, making it the number one state in America for the worst blackouts. The rise of utility-based electricity costs combined with the high risk of power outages has become a real concern for real estate developers. Many of them are beginning to look for an alternative, off-grid solution to provide energy-efficient outdoor lighting in their communities.


SOL by Sunna Design’s products were selected by a significant Land Developer as the solution to light the first two subdivisions of the Serenoa Villages development and boulevard in Clermont, FL. The main goal was to achieve a level of performance and quality similar or superior to what conventional « grid-tied » lamp posts can deliver. The first feedback received from residents is very positive, with many being surprised at “how bright these lights are!”. Residents were able to witness the importance of resilient lighting when a power outage hit the community for ten hours, at the end of October 2019.
Each street light powers a remote-monitoring device that provides information on the status of the systems and helps to restrain on-site maintenance drastically.

Additionally, this large-scale project is the first to achieve a proper Solar Lighting Services Agreement in the U.S., meaning zero capital expenses for the developer on its street lighting installation, energy, and maintenance. This model is similar to a long-term rental of equipment and maintenance, an approach without initial investment for the developer (CapEx) that was used by conventional electricity and lighting suppliers, and that had to be duplicated.

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