Playa Vista Sports Park
Playa Vista, CA

Project Details

Playa Vista, CA
Project Year
7600 SF

Playa Vista Sports Park was an existing park in a high-density planned development with virtually no open space. The park was one of the few recreational areas for the thousands of local home owners and their families. Unfortunately, it was originally installed in a non-compliant manner and had several safety issues that needed to be addressed.

The original elevations were set incorrectly, so SpectraTurf crews had to carefully change thicknesses and fall zones to meet all ASTM compliance requirements. The overall area for the park was expansive (7600 SF), so there was adequate room to install the correct system depth.

Playa Vista Sports Park provides a great deal of play value in a relatively small footprint. The proximity to the surrounding ball fields and tennis courts allows for easy parental supervision for various age groups. The park graphics ware simple, but interesting.

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