Stellar by Heat & Glo

Flames That Defy Gravity

Project Details

Whether it is flames burning in a vertical spiral up the center of the firebox, or vertical twin towers with flames burning horizontally, Stellar Hearth designs defy gravity while providing stunning flames.

U-Shaped Fireplace
- An impressive 460,000 BTU's featuring flames burning horizontally in the twin towers, separated by an 8' horizontal base of flames

- The Safe-T-Touch glass stays cool to the touch without any additional safety screens needed allowing a unobstructed view of the beautiful flames

- The optional mirrored panels on the back and sides fill the firebox with endless iterations of the flames

- The optional LED glass media lights can be easily controlled by an app on your iPhone or iPad and set to any color you'd like, and even programmed to change colors to the beat of your favorite song

- This fireplace design can be broken up into an L-Shaped (left or right facing)

- Unique U-Shaped design is a perfect way to accentuate a room while framing out a massive TV display panel

- We look forward to sharing pictures of this custom fireplace fully installed soon, but until then you can click on the video below and experience these defying gravity flames today