Sternberg Lighting

Palmetto Bay
Palmetto Bay, Florida, USA

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Palmetto Bay, Florida, USA

The Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida is a vibrant community situated on the shores of Biscayne Bay, offering quick access to unique recreational opportunities and amazing coastal vistas.

Sternberg Lighting's Euro E420LED pendants are fitted to custom arms with colourful town emblems. Installed at the new Palmetto Station Apartments and into the community, poles are enabled by IntelliStreets® Smart City solutions with integrated Post-Top Modules (PTM).

IntelliStreets® wireless controls provide remote management of not only lighting throughout a city, but the ability to remotely monitor what's happening thru cameras and other sensors. The colour changing (RGBA) notification beacons provide visual cues and way-finding, combined with an omni-directional speaker that can stream music or real-time announcements and support to pedestrians and motorists in emergency situations.

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