Stone Yard, Inc.

Wynn & Encore Hotels
Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Wynn Resorts / Roger Thomas
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Known for their opulent yet whimsical designs, both the Wynn and the Encore Hotels in Las Vegas are examples of modern luxury design. Award-winning designer Roger Thomas commissioned Stone Yard to create numerous designs for both hotels, including using our Gear Cocktail Bases in the Encore Hotel's pool area, dotting their interior and exterior landscapes with our Mondo Bowl Planters, James Planters, Swirl Planters, Rock Console Bases, and our stunning Pomegranate Mirrors. We also crafted several custom urns and decorative wall panels for both hotels, all of which were made from durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and Fiberstone. Lightweight and long-lasting, both materials are ideal for use in high-traffic environments such as hotels and resorts.

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