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Geometric Pergola at Ohio Residence
Houston, Ohio, USA

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StruXureOutdoor Ohio
Houston, Ohio, USA
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Looking for a way to spend more time outdoors with family and friends, the owners of this Houston, Ohio home were told by several contractors that their multi-angled patio and house façade were poor candidates for a pergola and, in fact, adding one would require replacing an exterior wall of their home in order to fit any type of shade structure. Unwilling to take on such a major renovation, the owners kept looking for a solution and found the StruXure Pergola X. They learned it could be tailored to fit any outdoor space, and that despite the eight 45-degree angles that had to be addressed on their home, they could absolutely have a Pergola X constructed without changing the home’s exterior walls. They could even add stepped cornices to help match the architecture of their home. Before they were finished, they had also added retractable screens, which come in handy on windy days. Not only are they enjoying more summer days outdoors thanks to the automated pivoting-louver system, but the owners say that now a favorite pastime is staying warm and dry sitting under the closed pergola listening to the falling rain and watching the storms roll by.

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