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The Sugar Grove Square apartments in Westerville, OH cater towards senior citizens, advertising an age range of 62+. Because of their demographic, safety is of utmost importance. At the same time, these concerns need to be addressed in cost-efficient manners, as increasing rent on a group that oftentimes is working on a very limited income is not desirable.

Early in 2019, Sugar Grove found that their outdoor balconies, a beloved feature amongst their clientele, were posing a structural issue with rotting wood decking and railing. The original aesthetical appeal of the wood balconies had also shifted into unsightly territory. After determining that a rebuild needed to be done, the question remained: “How to create a safe, beautiful outdoor space without hurting the resident's budget?”

First, the original unsound cantilevered design of the balconies was replaced by a sturdier reinforced version supported by steel tubing anchored into the ground. Once that was done, the size of the balconies was increased and combined to create a stronger structural base with which to work. Sugar Grove continued their exterior remodel by adding low-maintenance decking.

Finally, to fully complete the transformation and boost aesthetics, a railing remodel needed to be completed. The rebuilders rapidly decided on Superior Aluminum Series 9000 Heavy-Duty railing to complete the repair. Upon installation of the pre-assembled railing sections, the building renovations were complete.

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