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In 2017, the Worthington Gardens complex just outside of Columbus, OH was sold to new owners. The first order of business for the new owners was a complete renovation with new bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens in each unit. However, with all of the focus placed on the inside of the facility, the dated outside had no hope of attracting individuals interested in seeing the revamped interior.

The building developer knew they needed to revamp the building's façade and landscaping but that wasn’t quite enough. The shoddy, rusted existing railing sent the wrong message about the beautiful treasure that lied inside the building. Before this project was ready to attract renters, the railing had to become a priority.

Desiring to stick with a traditional styled square post railing, the developer at Worthington Gardens checked options before quickly deciding on Superior Aluminum Series 9000 Heavy-Duty Railing as the ideal fit for the project. The reasoning for the quick selection of Superior was exemplified by two points:

1. The pre-assembled nature of Superior Railing (built to exact jobsite specifications) meant that the developer’s employees could quickly install the railing and move to other projects.
2. The high-quality aluminum extrusions and castings utilized in Superior railing ensured a durable, low-maintenance system, granting Worthington Gardens a railing featuring a powerful combination of beauty and longevity.

Upon installation of the new Superior railing, the exterior update was complete. The developers utilized an anodized finish on their railing in order to maintain the simplistic architectural style of the building without sacrificing aesthetics. After all was said and done, the beautiful new railing was an integral part in transforming the exterior of Worthington Gardens!

Within a few months of the renovation, the revamped curb appeal led to an avalanche of inquiries and tours of the Worthington Garden facility. After the initial wave was calmed, most of the units had been filled….at a rate $300 per month above the pre-renovation cost!

Superior’s aluminum railing provides an innovative, attractive, and safe solution that makes as much sense on a 13th-floor balcony as it does on a front porch. Superior Series 9000 Aluminum Railings allow customers to enjoy a reliable and modernized design unique in the industry. Each order is specifically tailored to the needs of the project and customer, saving installation time and money. Every design of Series 9000 railing shipped from Superior meets the requirements of the ADA, ICC, and OSHA.

There are various styles available of Series 9000 railing. These include 2-line or 3-line railing, as well as additional customized features per customer request. All the styles offered can be constructed at any height desired as well. If you check out our gallery don’t see any photos that will suit your plan, contact us so we can help complete your dream project!

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