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Dramatic Recovery of Turfgrass After Irrigation Failure with Suståne
Minnesota, USA

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Minnesota, USA

The Summer of 2021 in Minnesota brought turf managers the warmest median temperature on record for the state coupled with well below average precipitation. Properties with irrigation failures showed alarming results in a very short period of time. Unfortunately, as was the case with many, this residential property had substantial turf injury and death due to irrigation failure. The approach to this lawn immediately turned to a renovation due to the amount of area that was affected. The idea behind the renovation process listed below was to try and incorporate seed at different depths, along with Suståne Soil ReGen to supply the
soil with beneficial nutrients that directly impact the microbial community, and in return providing a great source of nutrition for the establishing seeds.

Turfgrass Recovery Treatment Regime:
1. Aeration- Multiple passes. Vertical,
Horizontal, and Diagonal
2. Apply Suståne 4-6-4 at 50 lb per 1,000.
This was sold as a light topdressing application.
3. Apply seed at ½ the total desired rates
4. Using a drag mat hooked behind a rideon machine the lawn was dragged to
incorporate the seed, and the Sustane
4-6-4 into the soil
5. Aeration single pass
6. Application of Suståne Soil ReGen® at 25
lb per 1,000 ft2
7. Other ½ rate of seed
8. Drag
9. Water

Chad Z.

Product Manager

HLS Outdoor

Suståne Soil ReGen ®

Soil ReGen ® is a soil conditioner that reduces soil compaction, increases water and air infiltration and improves the nutrient and water holding capacity. Soil ReGen supplies organic-rich and biologically stable humates and organic matter, beneficial microorganisms, organic nutrients and structural minerals - all in dry, uniform particle size.

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Sustane Soil ReGen Testimonial
Sustane Soil ReGen Testimonial