Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach, CA

Project Details

Long Beach, CA

Just in time for the Spring Break rush, the Aquarium of the Pacific completely revamped their outdoor souvenir shop. What was once a dark, and dreary corrugated steel “Shark Shack” is now a brilliant sea shell shaped tension structure with an abundance of natural light.

The top cover measures approximately 41’ Wide by 29’ Projection is covered with Sheerfill V Architectural Membrane, which provides a shaded coverage area of 995 square feet. After business hours, the Clamshell Canopy conceals its merchandise with an 8’ High Traversing Curtain made of Firesist by Glen Raven, Inc.

Renovate the outdoor area with a playful and functional tension structure design to compliment and enhance the aquarium atmosphere to generate more business.

• Approximately 41’ Wide x 29’ Projection
• Shaded coverage area is approximately 995 SF
• Sheerfill V Architectural Fabric by Saint-Gobain for the Top Cover
• Firesist by Glen Raven Mills for the Traversing Curtains
• Primary CSI Numbers 133123 Tensioned Fabric Structures and 107316 Canopies

Fast-track fabrication and installation of the project to meet the 2013 Spring Break and Summer Seasons.

Eide’s experience and in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities allowed for a quick product delivery with minimal issues.