Grand Canyon Training Room
Goodyear, Arizona

Project Details

Goodyear, Arizona

When CornellCookson built their newest factory in Goodyear, AZ, part of the design was to incorporate a large room where training events could be held for the company’s distribution network.

The room was divided into two sections, a large one for training and a smaller one for the storage of training equipment and displays. The displays and equipment had to be easily accessible but hidden when not used.

A large service door was used to separate the equipment room. To make the door an integral part of the training experience, a vinyl image was planned as a back drop to the front of the class. After searching many vivid images, the Grand Canyon was chosen to provide inspiration to all who were in the room.

Since the rolling door was in an office environment, the guides, hood and bottom bar were powder coated white to complement the design and match the interior. In addition, a white motor and adjuster cover were added and white trim pieces were inserted into the guides – all providing improved aesthetics for an indoor environment.

Project Resource Files

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