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Joplin High School
Joplin, Missouri

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Joplin, Missouri
Project Year

Joplin High School was leveled in 2011 due to a tornado. The school was rebuilt and the new building opened in 2013.

The building is two stories, with a requirement for 13 fire doors in total. The fire ratings required ranged from 1½ - 3 hours; however all of the doors were required to meet UL 1784 smoke protection.

We provided our advanced motor-operated Auto-test closing system, with the ‘S’ label (smoke protection label). This system allowed us to provide a very aesthetic look, because coil and brackets could be mounted into the ceiling (Auto-Test does not require a fusible link or long chains, so there is no need to access above the coil when resetting, as with a conventional system). We also worked with the architect to provide the “Umbra gray” color specified in our ColorCote finish.

Also required was an AlarmGard counter shutter (also with smoke protection), for the concession stand on the soccer field, and 9 stainless steel counter shutters for the internal concession stands surrounding the two gyms.

All told, we supplied a total of 31 rolling doors to the school, including service doors and Temp-Pro insulated doors, also powder coated in the matching Umbra gray color.

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