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Ommegang Brewery
Cooperstown, New York

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Cooperstown, New York

Brewery Ommegang first opened its doors in 1997 on 136 acres of land in Cooperstown, NY. Ironically, the land Ommegang sits on used to be a hop farm. It was the first farmstead brewery built in the USA in more than a hundred years. Since its opening, Ommegang has grown rapidly to its current production churning out 8,000 bottles per hour, with an average of 44,000 barrels annually.

That type of volume results in a fast-paced environment for on-site warehousing and storage of this popular Belgian-style beer.

Rick Debar, Brewery Ommegang's technical manager, stated, “We were looking for a high speed door that provided much greater insulation compared to fabric doors. In the Northeast, we have changing weather conditions and fabric doors result in a lot of air leakage. Come the winter you can definitely feel the cold air coming right through.”

Rick Debar also noted, “Warehouse security is vital to us as a brewery, and to our employees, but it is also important to TTB ( Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau). Having the protection of a coiling steel product completely eliminates that concern.”

Mullen Industries, the local Cookson dealer, recommended the Cycle-Master 1024 performance door for the main warehouse. The rolling steel door provides Ommegang the security it needs, protection against the winter weather, and a door that operates at a speed three times as fast as a regular door - ensuring that production is not slowed as product is loaded and moved from one building to another.

“We are really happy with the way the 1024 performs. It is very quiet and the fact that safety features like the light curtain are standard gives us peace of mind knowing that the door system is clearly designed to protect our people and equipment.”

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