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Hamilton, ON Canada

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Hamilton, ON Canada
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Youth development is a priority for all of us. Physical activity is associated with a host of elements that promote student well-being such as:
. physical fitness
. healthy living
. cognitive skills
. academic success
. physical health
. psychological well-being and mental health
. social skills

The University of McMaster has understood this essential principal and offers a complete Trekfit Circuit and Callisthenics rack for the well-being of its students, since 2015.

The Trekfit equipment is installed adjacent to the Athletic center with a vision from the school’s administration to offer the equipment as a complement to the existing sports program. Available for athletes of all levels, as an introduction or advanced muscle training, the Trekfit equipment is suitable for all levels.

But what is calisthenics :
Calisthenics training uses one’s own body weight for optimal training. Historically used by the army, it has now become a popular urban discipline around the world.

The first of its kind in Canada, our calisthenics racks were developed by our lead designer in collaboration with Canadian experts. Ideal for beginners and pros alike, our training system helps the novice become proficient in acrobatics in a short amount of time while allowing the seasoned enthusiast to continue to build their strength and ability.

Project Resource Files

TrekFit Fitness Circuits
TrekFit Calisthenics
Calisthenics Racks X-Large Specifications Brochure