Stanley Greene Park
Toronto, ON, Canada

Project Details

Toronto, ON, Canada

This beautiful Trekfit outdoor fitness park can be found in the heart of the Downsview district in Toronto, Ontario.

Since 2019, the Trekfit circuit completes the district’s vision to enhance the public space while bringing all segments of the community together in the spirit of fitness and fun. The Trekfit circuit is surrounded by a skatepark and a bike path, allowing cyclists, joggers and even walkers to complete their outdoor activity using the Trekfit equipment. This is a perfect example that even small spaces can be a great addition to the community.

With a choice of 8 different pieces in this specific circuit, the end-users are guided through 24 sets of diversified exercises illustrated on the information panels on site. Complementary to those exercises, QR codes are available linking the user to our Trekfit mobile application presenting hundreds of additional exercises.

Another perfect representation that Trekfit installations combine the best of urban art with the most effective workout equipment.

Project Resource Files

TrekFit Fitness Circuits
Pull-Up Bars Double Specifications Brochure
Hurdles Specifications Brochure
Information Panel Double Specifications Brochure
Parallel Bars Specifications Brochure
Pull Up Bars Triple Specifications Brochure
Step Benches Specifications Brochure
Long Bench Specifications Brochure