Mira Mesa Shopping Center Redevelopment
San Diego, CA

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Brixmore Property Group
San Diego, CA

From his office in sunny San Diego, California, Senior Project Manager, Luke Hazelwood manages multiple redevelopment projects for Brixmor Property Group in the Western region of the U.S. The company owns and operates nearly 400 retail centers across the country — and redeveloping and maintaining them is a constant and on-going endeavor.

As a Project Manager with Brixmor, Hazelwood has multiple projects going on simultaneously at all times. “Knowing what’s happening at each jobsite is essential to the success of the projects,” he said.

With so many projects running simultaneously across the country, being physically present to oversee work in progress isn’t always possible. “Our projects span different regions and states, and traveling to all of them on a regular basis isn’t practical, even when we’re not in a pandemic,” Hazelwood said. “We needed a way to have our eyes on the projects every day, even though we can’t always physically be there on-site.”
Construction cameras were the logical solution, and there were many on the market to choose from. “We had used other construction cameras in the past, but their business model made it more difficult to transition cameras from one project to another,” Hazelwood said. “Every time we finished a project, we had to coordinate with the vendor to remove the cameras from one site and install them on a new site.”

That’s one of the main reasons the Brixmor team chose TrueLook. “With TrueLook, we can purchase the cameras, and they’re very easy to install,” he said. “When a project is finished, we just pick them up, throw them in the back of my truck and drive them to a new project. I have one of our contractors install them, then I just shoot TrueLook an email to activate them for the new project. It’s really easy.”


Hazelwood’s team uses TrueLook’s PTZ cameras, which provide a 360° view and can be controlled remotely using the TrueLook web interface to explore large jobsites and zoom in on specific areas that would otherwise not be visible from a fixed-position camera. “TrueLook PTZ cameras provide complete visibility into the goings-on at the jobsite, helping us to ensure crews are productive and projects are progressing on schedule,” he said. They also use the cameras to identify problems or issues that may cause delays or impact budgets and to ensure crews are compliant with various safety protocols.

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