Large Artificial Green Wall
Cocoon Networks, London

Project Details

Cocoon Networks, London

Large Green Wall With Natural Growing Patterns

Cocoon Networks is an international, start up ecosystem. One of the most innovative and finest centres for UK start-ups, the finest hub for entrepreneurs in the heart of London.

VistaFolia’s attractive interior design solution was the perfect fit to create a large green wall where the ambitious entrepreneurs feel encourage to grow their ideas, transforming the space into a nurturing environment, creating a more enjoyable co working space.

We transformed the reception area that links into the coffee area of this stunning physical space which is the largest and the most comprehensive innovations centres across Europe.

Throughout, the installation of a VistaFolia artificial green wall, Cocoon Networks London is offering the perfect work and life balance environment, guests now look out to a truly inspiring view of luxuriant foliage, in a bright and pleasant area where they can enjoy their morning coffee or afternoon tea, proving the starting point for the design of communal work spaces at this new creative hub in east London.

Our skill team was able to do all the intricate cuts around the sign, cameras, doors, cupboards to finish the green wall took a skill eye to identify the areas where to add extra foliage creating a more random natural feel. It is all about understanding the growing pattern of real plants no one better than our designer Paul Alder who personally came to site to identify the areas where the green wall needed that special effect of natural growing patterns.

Before the green wall was installed there was only the physical barrier of the glass that did not define clearly the existence of a coffee space with the installation of an artificial green wall Cocoon networks achieved to soften an area of white walls that now move into a leisure area of thorough enjoyment.

Now the green wall draws you into the café meeting area creating a great and pleasant atmosphere from the time visitors and co-workers come into the building the reception area offers a warm welcoming space.

This instant, low-cost solution transformed the character of the reception and coffee area of this building, taking its interiors beyond the ordinary and giving it a modern and sleek finish to entice co-workers.

“We wanted to create a space that would allow people producing work in a physical or tangible medium to access the shared space," said designer Paul Alder.

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Practical Greening Guide
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