Parkland Hospital (SOLO Glass)
Dallas, TX, USA

Project Details

Austin Commercial Contractors, HDR Architects and Corgan Architects
Dallas, TX, USA
Project Year

THE SOLO™ STAINLESS STEEL GLASS RAILINGS gave a beautiful compliment to the “Hospital in the Park” concept that allows patients and visitors the ability to so see across the halls, and into the relaxing surrounding atrium. The glass interior railing surrounds the foyer from a top balcony rail view and down into the reception area. VIVA Railings was able to offer a complete turnkey solution, with a dedicated in-house Engineering team.
To construct this design, the BLADE™ posts were redesigned into a single post that is slightly thicker in order to create one clean line. SOLO™ stainless steel glass railings system is simply about an artistically minimalist design wherein one wants the focus to be not on the type of rails involved in the construction, but the view provided by the installation.
An excellent option for the SOLO™ Stainless Steel Glass Railings is our LED-illuminated iRAIL™ system from which you can choose from a cool white or warm white. The iRAIL™ lighted system in place in the MJ Steakhouse in Chicago, Illinois is on a SHOE™ system but shows how well iRAIL™ could mesh with the aesthetics of the uncluttered SOLO™ stainless steel glass railings system by erasing the requirement for additional lighting on staircases and balconies for night usage.
Between the beautiful constructs of the SOLO™ system and the fact that VIVA completes extensive performance testing and structural calculations to ensure all safety regulations are met, there is simply no better choice for your exquisite, sweeping edifice.
Architects choose the SOLO™ RAILING SYSTEM due to its ultra-minimalistic design. In consultation with HDR Architects + Corgan Associates, the SOLO™ system is uniquely designed with a cohesive line flow & multi-function parts.
The new Parkland Hospital & Health System is a $1.27 Billion healthcare facility, replacing the existing 54-year-old Parkland Memorial Hospital.
This HDR Architecture + Corgan Associates Joint Venture chose VIVA Railings to be part of the new Parkland Hospital facility with the installation of the SOLO™ Glass Railing System

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